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This project began in the fall of 2015. We were to choose a location around the canal of Dalsland in Sweden. I choose a place called ”jernkroken” thats and old used natural harbor with a small but very intriguing hook just by the water. By analysing the place and taking inspiration from it i created a cabinet. The cabinet is pressed with plywood around a mold. Then after that it dipped in a bath of marbling colors. The marbling color represent the pink granite stone were the hook is attached to. The legs are in birch and one part of every leg are in granite stone.

Birch Plywood, Soild birch and granitestone

Ung Svensk Form Nominerad 2017

Jonatan Appelfeldt – Marbelous
”Det postmoderna tänkandet, dekonstruktionen, har kommit tillbaka och undersöks av en ny generation. Här finns referenser till antiken och ett formspråk som skulle ha varit omöjligt för fem år sedan. Jonatan Appelfeldts marmorerade hylla är en spännande syntes av historia och nutid.

Photos : Sophie Hardy